This exhibition presents a 1950‘s ranch-style home which has been appropriately renovated into a contemporary dwelling; this project demonstrates the idea that art and design can be accessible and coexist in a daily living situation. The exhibit entails a complete spectrum of the finest collections - fine art, product design and home décor. This Ephemeral Museum aims to bring together a vision of modern art and design that reflects the unique spirit of place in the Pacific Northwest.

Please join us for this special fall event! Living Room Realtors & Designform Studio possess a symbiotic talent; the first - an art for finding amazing vintage to modern dwellings. The latter-having the full credentials of a fine arts & design background with a rich work history. This marriage of worlds channels the ingenious potential of a way to display both art & design in a modern living setting for the Pacific Northwest.

The opening of this fall exhibition also marks the official open house for the Twombly property, presented by Living Room Realtors. All works will be for sale including the Twombly house. We invite collectors to a private viewing scheduled for October 14, 2-8 p.m.. Please stay tuned for the published catalogue of the exhibition.

A special thanks to Living Room Realtors for providing the unique exhibition space and to all the artists, designers and participants that have made this show possible!

Host and Sponsor
Living Room Realtors
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Show Producer
Giovanni Castillo, Designform Studio
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Art Director/Graphic Designer
Caryn Baumgartner, 4200F
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